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I help uncover your Dharma through transformational experiences. You will witness your outer world blossom as you heal, and reveal your inner light. 


I'm ready for bliss!

As a mystic, medicine woman, and healer; we will create a new reality together

We will work together to bring forth a new way of being, a new way of living, and a new way of connecting to the divine. We will use ancient wisdom and practices to help us create a new paradigm of healing and wholeness. We will use the power of intention, meditation, ceremony, and ritual to bring forth a new level of understanding and connection to the divine. We will use the power of the elements to help us create a balanced and harmonious life. We will use the power of the sacred feminine to help us create a world of peace and love. We will use the power of the sacred masculine to help us create a world of strength and courage. Together, we will create a new reality of healing, wholeness, and connection.

I desire to feel the divine
The Love Elixir
Private and Group
Transformational Journeys

Embody Love Healing Series

Your Oracle: Channeled Readings, Tarot, Light Language

Come into Union with the Divine within all

Through presence

In gratitude

Return to Wonder and be delighted



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Become devoted to THIS life

Learn practices to bring to your knees in utter gratitude for this existence


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Weekly meditaion

This weekly class will help you master meditation and make it a powerful part of your daily routine.


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I offer to you; an opportunity to walk with the universe

 be hand in hand with your destiny

to align with your brothers and sisters

and unify with all of creation  




Have you ever desired to experience the freedom of joyful abundance. It does not come from acquiring prosperity and affirmations of your worth.  It comes with devotion, and gratitude

 from humility and choice 

 the choice to seek love


The choice to believe and trust knothat you are divinely supported

Knowing the path behind you led to this very moment and the path ahead is yours to create 

 you have the power to transform your past and align with the future YOU desire 


through creating in 

and traversing 

the quantum 


as well as


taking action in the 3d to manifest your creation into form 


deep self reflection

a life of intention

 and an open loving heart are imperative to your ascension


there are tools and guides to assist you

signs, synchronicities, lessons…

codes in every corner 

every shadow reveals hidden messages 


it is a game of exploration 


it is not the end result that is your prize 

 it is the creating, participating and witnessing the unfoldment of your souls desire 

 but first 

 you must seek to know what that desire is 

 you must immerse yourself in discovery 

 discovery of your pleasure 

 discovery of the language of your body

 discovery of your spiritual vocabulary 


what is YOUR true essence when you remove the beliefs you’ve carried for a lifetime given to you by others from their experiences 

 their game is not yours 

 awakening allows you to understand yourself and your relation to others and the universe 


awakening allows you to become intentionally 




both drawing in your callings and repelling that which does not serve you  

anything is available to you if you believe it so and if you rise to meet it

 this process is every evolving and it is FUN!


you are here to experience JOY and BLISS 

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